Passion Hymns: Bootleg (2013)
5.1 channel sound work presented at Sequences VI Biennial, Bíó Paradís, Reykjavík 6th, 10th and 13th of April 2013.
Duration: 00:30:54

NB! The work was presented in a regular movie theater in total darkness with a beginning and an end. More info about Passion Hymns: Bootleg at Sequences here

There is a frenzy of noise and clamor surrounding our paths of everyday movement. Listening carefully to this can reveal a multitude of voices that manifest narratives, dreams, hope, despair and real experiences of lived life. Þorgrímsdóttir is with her Bootleg-series navigating through shopping centers, public transport, bars, cafés and so on in search of these narratives; scenes of spaces that is regarded as public but where the “publicness” is threatened through privatization and surveillance. The politics of a space dictates the configuration of the narratives told and ultimately shape our dreams, hope, despair… Passion Hymns: Bootleg is recorded segments from the public life of Reykjavik, edited together into a composition of “dark cinema”. As the passion pit was disguised as a drive-in cinema, the noise of public life conceal hymns of passion.

Stereo mix, please listen in headphones:

Bíó Paradís before the show.